Mark Wynn Training


On December, 3rd the Bright Horizons team attended the Mark Wynn Training sessions in O’Neill, NE at the O’Neill Community Center. The Police Department and Bright Horizons staff invited Mark Wynn to O’Neill, NE to educate people on in-depth information pertaining to sexual assault and his experiences with domestic violence, being a member of the police force in Nashville, Tennessee. Mark Wynn is a well-known national trainer to police executives, patrol officers, training officers, prosecutors, judges, legislators, social service providers, healthcare professionals and victim advocates in all fifty states for over thirty years. This training was open to law enforcement, child and family specialists prosecutors, child and family advocates, mental health professionals, school personnel, CASA volunteers and other service providers. There was a head-count of 89 service providers who attended the training.

Mark shared his point of view and insight from his long list of credentials. It was tremendously useful for all service providers. We sat back and absorbed information to do our part in further demolishing the rate of family and relationship violence in our communities. Mark Wynn spoke as if everyone was with him on his past journeys. Recounting violence as a twenty-one year member of the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department. Mark served as Lieutenant to the Domestic Violence Division. Many stories were told from the view of a past Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team member. Mark used a wide variety of different visual aids, videos, and examples to get the audience involved and engaged. The Bright Horizons staff and the O’Neill Police Department thank everyone involved. And appreciate the overwhelming support and donations for this training session. A big thank-you to our donors; Rodeo Market, Adamson’s Distributing, The City of O’Neill, North Star, Jeanie Miller, Tia Zia, The O’Neill Police Department, Bright Horizons staff, Goeke’s, and the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska! We greatly appreciate all the help the community has provided us with!