Enjoy the Holiday Season This Year By Christy Abner

Most people experience significantly more stress during the holiday season than at any other time of the year. Our wish is that this holiday is a time of joy, and that maybe one or more of the following tips will help keep your stress manageable.

*Have an attitude of gratitude-we have the power to choose misery or happiness, be thankful for all the things we take for granted such as a warm house and food on the table.

*Be responsible for how you behave-we have no control over how family and friends behave, walk away feeling good about yourself.

*Volunteer-if you’re feeling depressed or lonely there are many opportunities for helping others.

*Let go of resentments related to holiday’s past.-don’t let the past control your future.

*Say no-prioritize your schedule and budget, then stick to it.

*Don’t over indulge-eating or drinking too much will only make you feel unhappy with yourself.

*Take care of you-do something for yourself that you love to do.

The choice is always ours,we can focus on the negative or celebrate the positive. Choose happiness, face each day with hope, courage and determination. Each and every person at Bright Horizons wishes you a very joyful holiday.