Outreach in Madison

For the past several months I have been at Tyson Fresh Foods in Madison, NE. As the Bilingual Advocate for Bright Horizons reaching out to Team members at Tyson is very important. I want them to be informed about our services and the services in their community. I always have a great outcome whether they speak English or Spanish they always come forward with questions or concerns where to go or who to talk to if they need assistance. I have provided them with contact numbers for Legal Aid, Mexican Consulate in Omaha and Bright Horizons at their request during Team members lunch break.

Bright Horizons’ Bilingual Advocate will be at the Madison Public Library monthly to present information about the services Bright Horizons provides to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. “This is something new and I hope this makes our services more available for residents in the area that have a difficult time with transportation to Norfolk” stated the Advocate.

Written by Sonya Sandoval, Bilingual Advocate