Words of Gratitude

“Bright Horizons staff members are a light to many women and children who are in very dark places. They shine and guide people to a way out for a better life. It is a long journey for some. Finding your way out of a dark tunnel and into the light, it takes time to focus and regain your equilibrium. When you first find your way out, you feel like a balloon that has been held under water for so long that you just burst out. Even though you’ve escaped the pressure, the freedom and the need to balance your life are overwhelming. Bright Horizons is there to help you steady your course. Find your true north as they say and keep you on a path to a healing that you arrive at within your own strength. As you rebuild your life, it looks different and picking up the pieces takes time and sometimes parts of your life are burnt beyond anything that you can reclaim. As you form new friendships and make new homes, you keep Bright Horizons staff members close in your life because they are counted among the very few people who never let you down. Their work is priceless. As individuals they are without measure and their life work matters to so many. I hope they are proud every day of what they have accomplished in the lives of others. Faith is the driving force to regaining your life. Bright Horizons reminds me of the words of Jesus, ‘to give up your life for your friend,’ is the highest thing you can do…they give life to so many. Thank you!”

Written by Angie