31 Ways to continue Domestic Violence Awareness

Even though Domestic Violence Awareness Month is over, it is still important to continue the awareness of the issue.  Raising awareness can be as simple as posting statistics and information about domestic violence on your Facebook, Twitter, or blog page!  Following are 31 ways we encourage you to “Take a Stand. Let your Voice be Heard!”

  1. Domestic Violence is everyone’s issue!
  2. Nothing causes someone to be abusive
  3. A woman is beaten every 15 seconds
  4. 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime
  5. Lead by example:  work at creating a culture that has a “no tolerance” policy to domestic violence
  6. Speak up: if someone says something derogatory, abusive or disrespectful about women, let them know their behavior is wrong
  7. Find one way today in which you tell/show others that intimate partner violence is wrong
  8. Domestic violence is NEVER the victim’s fault
  9. Social change starts with you, let your voice be heard one time today that abuse is wrong
  10. What is one thing you can do in your life, that states abuse is intolerable
  11. Challenge others when you hear them say, “why doesn’t the victim leave” and ask “why doesn’t the abuser stop?”
  12. Intimate Partner Violence happens in same-sex relationships
  13. 10 murder-suicides take place each week (violence policy center)
  14. Respect is one aspect of a healthy relationship
  15. Domestic violence = establishing and maintaining power and control over ones intimate partner
  16. Speak out against inappropriate jokes
  17. Speak out and treat women and men with respect
  18. Find out how you can help your local domestic violence/sexual assault program (ex)volunteer, what items do they need donated…
  19. In 1967, shelters begin emerging for battered women in the United States
  20. On October 17, 1981, the National Coalition against Domestic Violence declared a national day of unity on behalf of battered women across the country
  21. Speak out and keep your friends accountable against domestic violence
  22. Do you recognize domestic violence when you see it? Learn more at NDVSAC.org
  23. There is no room for domestic violence in ‘family values’
  24. In one day, Nebraska’s 21 domestic violence/sexual assault programs, served 615 victims
  25. In 1978, Nebraska passed the Protection from Domestic Abuse Act
  26. Challenge: Ask 3 people if they could recognize domestic violence & how. Use this for an opportunity to educate the community
  27. In a healthy relationship, the two individuals can talk freely and openly with each other without fear of reprisal
  28. One of the most dangerous times for a victim of domestic violence, is when the victim leaves/attempts to leave
  29. Domestic violence is not about an “anger problem” –  it’s about power and control over one’s intimate partner
  30. What are you doing today to raise the awareness of domestic violence?
  31. Domestic Violence IS your issue!